The Hummingbird

A flitter, a flutter and a chatter away, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird busily darts in and out of sight. Bejeweled in emerald and ruby, its delicate elegance shimmering in the hot summer sun. Sipping strongly from the sweet nectar, she suddenly zips off in rapid flight.


Maine, So Far Away

Sweet the memory is to me Of a land beyond the sea, Where the waves and mountains meet, Where amid her balsam trees Sits Acadia in the heat, Bathing ever her white feet In the tideless summer seas.  (Original poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – “Amalfi” with minor word changes)


Clam Digging Parrot

“Aarrr! She’s a buxom beauty. Win the heart of that fair maiden by offering ‘er a stroke of ye parrot!” This evening I was on the dock at Bartlett’s Landing on Mount Desert Island, Maine to enjoy the sunset. The skies finally cleared up after two days of solid rain. While feeling the temperatures cool,…

Rained in

It’s been raining here for two solid days. Great for sleeping in and eating too much. A huge thunderstorm went over the house with two lightning bolts that had so much power there were electric surges in the air in the living room we’re staying in. Blew out the cable, wifi, and phone. Cell service…


The Morning Commute at Bass Harbor

Bass Harbor, Maine is a beautiful protected cove on the southwest side of Mount Desert Island. Harbor to many working lobster boats, Bass Harbor is a working man’s harbor. It is low tide on a foggy morning and the day starts slowly. Seamen stood at the dock chatting and laughing leisurely. A few started out…


The Scent of Maine

  How I wish I could make these images Scratch ‘N Sniff for you. Discovering a new trail today that lead me to Long Pond on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island, the forest floor was covered with evergreens. The fresh scent of the balsam firs filled the air and the sounds of the…


Greetings from Southwest Harbor

  An easy Sunday morning glowing with glorious early light. It is low-tide in Southwest Harbor and the remaining waters shined like mirrors along the shores. Lobster boats floated awaiting along with other water vessels moored in the harbor. Many skiffs tied at the docks waiting for their captains to awake. It is as if…


Seal Cove Pond

Arrived safely this afternoon to Mount Desert Island, Maine. A lovely country farm house overlooking Seal Cove Pond. It is a full moon tonight and the call of the loons can be heard floating over the water. “This is of the loon–I do not mean its laugh, but its looning,–is a long-drawn call, as it…