“You’re My Best Friend”

It was time to let Javalin get a new friend in his paddock. A couple of years ago, I introduced Javalin to you in Free Spirit. Since that time, Javalin has had a solitary paddock mate and he loves to have friends. Enter Steele, a younger thoroughbred that has been part of the schooling barn…


The Bombs Bursting in the Air

Last night was the Star Spangled Spectacular’s fireworks celebration for the writing of Francis Scott Key’s “Star Spangled Banner.” Two hundred years to the night, bombs burst in the air over Fort McHenry. As the British bombarded the fort on September 13, 1814, fireworks exploded over Baltimore harbor on September 13, 2014. Loudly ringing throughout…


The Fountain of Respite

With a hint of grace and elegance, a statue Geisha Girl pours life giving water to the wildlife at the manor. It’s always full of surprises with the visitors that come and go. Both those with feathers and those with fur visit for refreshment. But best of all was a new discovery today as there…


Passumpsic Trains

Along a windy country road in beautiful Vermont, an unexpected surprise appeared around the bend. The Passumpsic Railroad company is a family owned business, where train collecting is taken to a new level. It appears that Granddad loves trains, and has a wonderful collection of real antique train cars and a steam engine locomotive known…


I Love My Fan

This week has been hot. Really Hot. Tropical Florida Hot. So hot that when you sit there the sweat just pours off of you. In between jury duty sessions, I’ve been heading to the barn to tend to the horses and participate in a five-day dressage clinic. The heat’s been sucking the energy out of…


Los Caballeros

It’s an odd week for me as I have been involved in one of the alienable rights of being an American. The right to be called up for jury duty. Part of the judicial process is to provide a right to trial by jury, and members are chosen from a pool of registered voters in…



To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy. Henri Cartier-Bresson