Doe-see-Doe at Big Meadows

Shenandoah National Park is home to a large population of White tailed deer. Within this protected haven, overtime these deer have learned to not fear humans without the presence of hunters. Along Big Meadows, the deer are easily found at dawn and dusk along the roadways leading into the lodge and along Skyline Drive. My…


A Bird’s Paradise

The autumn air has brought in a flurry of activity along the garden. It seems that all of the birds discovered the manor as a bird eden and were flitting and fluttering all about. Spending nearly three hours stalking shrubbery, the best was enjoying Ruby Crowned Kinglets chasing gnats literally above my head, and way…



My visit to the Shenandoah National Park this past week was nothing short of spectacular. We were there to hike, but a heavy storm came through in the middle of the week and caused us to change our plans. But that didn’t stop me in looking for photo opportunities along the way. While my friends…


American Black Bear

Driving along skyline drive in the late afternoon after a full day of high winds and rain, the weather began to clear. The road winds in and around the mountains with sweeping landscapes filled with autumn colored forests and clouds misting over the mountainside. It was time to return to the Big Meadows Lodge for…


Cunningham Falls

Cunningham Falls located in the Catoctin Mountains Park is the largest cascading waterfalls in Maryland. Beautifully adorned in the early autumn, a perfect lunch spot on an arduous hike. The cool waters soothing the soul. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happiness, true happiness, is an inner quality. It is a state of mind. If your mind is at peace,…


Autumn Scenes

For every leaf, that twirls the breeze, May useful hints and lessons give; The falling leaves and fading trees Will teach and caution us to live. Excerpt from “Autumn” by John Clare (1821)


Setting Sail

Setting Sail out to the mountains, by land you see. As the leaves are starting to change the color and there is beginning to be a crisp in the air. The mountains are calling me, along with their furry friends. It’ll be wonderful to return to the Shenandoah mountains for a short respite from the…