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Elusive Mr. Fox

Now that the snow and ice have finally melted, I’ve been continuing my search for Mr. Fox. When the snow fell, I attempted to identify and follow said Mr. Fox footprints, but they led me no where, assuming I had the right tracks. With the ground uncovered by the snowcover, I noticed an indent in…



The Osprey have returned to the Chesapeake Bay after enjoying their tropical winter holiday. As they mate for life, one couple I’ve become familiar with, returned one by one. The male returned first, lovingly building the nest for his girl before she arrived. Within just a few days, he built most of the nest. Wisely,…

Get outta here ! She's mine !!

Hoodies !!

Spring has sprung and the birds are getting excited. It’s time to court the girls, and the boys are busy trying to chase off the competition. Good luck with that hoody. It’s the girl that gets to pick.


A Little Bird Lesson

A little bird taught me a very good lesson today. While watching a flock of Dunlins on the rip rap at Indian River Inlet, a small Sanderling caught my eye. This darling little sanderling was hopping around on one leg, the other tucked under him. He was a busy little fellow, beating his friends to…


Fish Dance

After the past few weeks of below freezing temperatures and a heavy snow storm, it appears that spring has kicked in the past couple of days. With the spring comes the migration of birds. The wintering birds have seemed to have gotten up and left. But the southern wintering birds are starting to arrive. I…


Delicate Beauty

The Maryland Orchid Society offers a truly spectacular display and wide variety of orchids during the annual Maryland Home and Garden Show. I remembered this special event as being a superb photographic opportunity with many orchids close and personal. Well lit and clean backgrounds, who could resist the chance to capture them. Contacting the Orchid…


Hello from Down Under

A visit to this year’s Maryland Home & Garden Show brought a surprising find. Seems some locals from “Down Under” have shown up to represent Leanne Cole in Australia. Meet Sydney, the first Kangaroo I’ve ever met. Seems Sydney was rather annoyed as his nap was being disturbed. A bleating kept distracting me, and of…


Snowy Walkabout in Annapolis

Even though it is March, Old Man Winter continues to hang on with strength. A full day of snow falling on the Chesapeake Bay kept things quiet on the roads. The Naval Academy Bridge stood strong against the falling snow flakes, leading me towards Annapolis. I went to say hello to Alex Haley. The Kunta…