From Sand to Snow

The Traveler’s Lament Why oh why did I leave the beach? Only to travel through six states to arrive in the land of snow. Perhaps it was to truly feel the Christmas spirit as it’s only two weeks away. A magical snow land where anything is possible.


Little Treasures

Who knew that crabs have spots? Found on Sanibel beach in Florida, this is a unique Calico Crab, also known as a leopard crab. But this isn’t the only strange thing found on the sand this morning. Odd looking jelly fish laid in the surf. Some pale, some brightly colored. And then the seaweed. The…


A Hop, Skip and a Jump

This morning in the J. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge I was watching an Osprey screaming on top of a dead tree (snag.) Suddenly, another Osprey came flying in towards the resting one. Not sure what would happen, I trained my lens on the interloper and lo and behold “A Hop, Skip and a Jump”…


On the Beach

Hey Moe..what do you think she’s doing? I have no idea Joe. She keeps staring at us. What do you think? Think it’s safe to walk by her? Let’s tell Mr. Willit that the coast is clear. Hey, Mr. Sanderling – Go for it! Moe and Joe, along with all of their friends, stroll peacefully…


Dawn with a Girl and a Dog

The morning started with embers burning on the ocean’s horizon. A girl and a dog ran up the beach, racing to catch the rising sun. Clouds remaining from an overnight rain fueled the rising rays and the earth began to burn. Running up the beach, only to return to chase the opening sky. Where am…

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Pack Your Bags

Palm trees, and ocean breezes are calling my name. It’s time for a road trip so pack your bags and get ready for a change in scenery. Are you ready? I sure am! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures…



Today felt as if everything I was looking for kept running away from me. I had heard of a rare gull in a local park and I rushed down there, only to wait in the cold wind. The one I was looking for had taken off, leaving the regular gulls behind. Along with them was…



Have you ever heard of a Timberdoodle? I most certainly haven’t. That is, not until today. Enjoying a lovely hike in Rosaryville State Park today with friends, we had a brief lunch respite at the Mount Airy Mansion where George Washington helped celebrate his stepson’s wedding in 1774. Entering back into the woods and hitting…